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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Patient Empowerment: 2014 PCRI Annual Conference

GUEST BLOGGER: This blog is from the Communications Director of the PCRI, Peter Scholz

Patient Empowerment is the PCRI’S theme for the upcoming 2014 Patient Prostate Cancer Conference this September 5th, 6th and 7th.  This conference is a unique event for patients to interact closely with experts and leaders in research, and at the same time, connect with other patients who have “been there and done that.” This is a weekend to get better informed and empowered to make confident choices.

Cancer care is advancing so rapidly that it takes a team effort between you and your physician to achieve the best care. For the average patient it is overwhelming to try to stay up to date with the latest clinical studies, journal articles, and protocols. Often the best place for information is an event like this that specializes in distributing the type of material patients can understand.

That’s where our invited experts come in—specialists from around the world presenting the latest developments in prostate cancer care, but not in the language of doctoral medical jargon. Rather, the lectures and presentations are presented in a way that can be understood by patients, so they can utilize their new information and obtain better care. At the conference you can expect many entertaining and informative presentations and find information you would be hard pressed to gather and interpret on your own.

This year’s program will stress breakthroughs in imaging, immunology, hormone therapy and staging. The Saturday schedule is structured around the PCRI Shades of Blue, a program that simplifies the understanding of prostate cancer by dividing into five broad categories. For the SKY Shade there will be a presentation on Active Surveillance; for TEAL and AZURE categories, Dr. Anthony Zietman, Associate Director of Radiation Oncology at Harvard Medical School will give a presentation about state-of-the-art radiation; for ROYAL we will have a discussion about all the new medications for advanced disease by Dr. Maha Hussain, the Director of Clinical Research from the University of Michigan. Dr. Mark Scholz, the Executive Director of the PCRI will outline the best approach to INDIGO. Dr. Mark Moyad, our moderator, will also be speaking about supplements and diet and how they can lead to increased survival and better quality of life.

The Sunday “breakout” format will enable you to interact directly with the speakers in intimate Q and A sessions while having actual conversations and back and forth dialogue with them. Also, throughout the weekend, the concepts and topics can be further clarified in support group meetings with knowledgeable patient advocates.

Last year’s feedback was glowing with comments like, “Thank you for amassing so many experts in one place!” or “This is one of the most interesting conferences I have ever attended.” And, “I wished this information had been available before my husband and I had to make decisions.”

The PCRI Conference is for your empowerment. It will give you hope and a new confidence to face the challenging task of making important treatment decisions that will impact you for the rest of your life. 

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